Alexandra Korte
 English to German
My profile - what you might want to know
My working languages are English and German with the latter being my native language. I am a graduate technical translator with a degree from Flensburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany. As a former boat builder and an active sailor I can draw on vast hands-on experiences in both building and nautical matters. On the basis of my studies in Flensburg I also have a solid background of general engineering knowledge. Other fields of expertise include architecture, especially window making, wildlife photography and music, but I also relish discovering new fields. I am particularly interested in terminology work, which links in very well with my natural linguistic curiosity. Despite me being a technical translator, I also enjoy more general aspects of the English language. Over the years I have gained a high level of proficiency (CPE Grade A) and also obtained a teaching qualification (CELT) with the Irish body of language schools (ACELS) under the aegis of the Department of Education in Ireland. Settling back in from a two year cruise around Europe and the Atlantic, I am excited to meet new challenges. Find my profile in pdf format here.